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Welcome to the Islamic Studies Program

The Islamic Studies Program advances critical research about Islam and the Muslim world and facilitates access to knowledge in the field for students, scholars, professionals, and the general public. The Program designs and supports curricular and collaborative initiatives and assists faculty and students in developing research projects that focus on the rich diversity of Muslim history, politics, culture, thought, and practice. Relying on extensive faculty resources and on Indiana University’s unrivaled reputation for profound linguistic and cultural training, the Program offers opportunities for the study, exploration, and better understanding of Islam and Muslim peoples and practices around the world. Read more about the Program.


Mapping the Landscapes of Islamic Studies at IU

Our 4th biennial Mapping conference will take place October 15, 2016, and will feature presentations by IU graduate students. The keynote address will be delivered by Chase F. Robinson, Distinguished Professor of History, and President, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Further details to follow.

Other Fall 2016 Events

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